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Behind the Scenes with Trending Artist Arrachme

Arrachme is an award winning contemporary abstract artist living in Florida, USA. Being a member of a select international group of artists involved in raising socio, environmental awareness, enables her visual language to be a part of forefront of art making a difference on the world stage.

Having  collected and exhibited her art in prestigious expos such as Art Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo, Spectrum, Art Miami – Art Basel, New York Art Expo, plus numerous awards and inclusion in publications, Arrachme has been elevated into a network of exceptionally talented artists that are regularly curated in museums in such locations as South Korea, The Netherlands, Macedonia, Belgium, USA, UK, and Iran.  In addition, she is an art educator who has developed a course curriculum, A Fresh Approach to Painting – Gateway to The Inner Artist, to encourage the artists. It is taught in live workshops and distributed through online educational videos.

Her unique painted series have a consistent, recognizable bright color palette with strong, visible brushstrokes. Curatorial reviews have likened her work to the atmospherics of Turner. Arrachme’s paintings are influenced by the environment, which she describes: “I feel nature is a place of grace, nurturing and creativity. Art can blend with the humanitarian voice to affect gentle environmental and social impact.  The challenge for me is to see how much good I can do with my art to benefit all living things with a positive visual language.”

Proud member of Member GAPI, PAS, Art Nations, ICAF- International Cultural and Arts Federation, Friends of The Earth- U.K., ISAP- International Society of Acrylic Painters

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A Fresh Approach to Painting – Gateway To The Inner Artist

These classes teach unique painting techniques that draw out your own ability to create in a fun gentle supportive environment. Whether it’s the spark that ignites the flame or the tickle that encourages the heart’s gentle flow.  These classes are perfect for the new or seasoned artist with program endorse-review by Harvard doctor. Online education  is here! Easy, click, paint now.

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