About the Artist

portraitArrachme is a published contemporary abstract artist; she uses an intuitive application of color, based on the viscosity of her palette. She excites us with explosive color displays, and then she skillfully adds her gossamer layering, establishing an emotional ebb and flow of energy that draws the viewer in. She takes her personally developed techniques and shares them with her  many students as an arts educator.

Arrachme is a consistent published award winning artist living in Florida, USA. She says her art has grown up like children leaving home. They now take their suitcases and go on tour by themselves to museums, always in exhibits for worthy causes.

When not exhibiting she she is an art educator who has developed a course curriculum, A Fresh Approach to Painting-Gateway to The Inner Artist, to encourage new and seasoned  artists. The course’s success has taken it to an online education program.

Being a member of a select international group of artists involved in raising socio, environmental awareness, exposes Arrachme to the forefront of new genres in the art world.

Having exhibited her art in prestigious events in museums and galleries such as Art Monaco at the Grimaldi Forum, Monte Carlo, Spectrum, Art Miami – Art Basel, New York Art Expo, plus numerous awards and inclusion in publications; Arrachme has been elevated into a network of exceptionally talented artists that are regularly curated in museums in such locations as South Korea, The Netherlands, Macedonia, Belgium, USA, and Iran.

Her unique painted series have a consistent, recognizable bright color palette with strong, visible brushstrokes. Curatorial reviews have likened her work to the atmospherics of Turner. Arrachme’s paintings are influenced by the environment, which she describes: “I feel nature is a place of grace, nurturing and creativity. Art can blend with the humanitarian voice to affect gentle environmental and social impact.  The challenge for me is to see how much good I can do with my art to benefit all living things with a positive visual language.” Arrachme often expresses gratitude to have a home filled with the arts. She is  accompanied by her husband who is her muse, a photographer and a consummate musician.

Arrachme’s visual arts education continued where she was directed by the masterful hands and minds of professional artists who recognized her natural talent. She was tutored, praised, and guided by the best.  Arrachme studied and practiced as a professional interior designer, A.S.I.D. in her early career using her skills, successfully brokering art for her celebrity clients.   Born in the, USA, Arrachme currently resides in Central Florida. The harmonics of Arrachme, an ancient Sanskrit name bring the speaker to a joyful peaceful place. This too, says Arrachme is the core of the art she creates.

Proud member of Member GAPI, PAS, Art Nations, ICAF- International Cultural and Arts Federation, Friends of The Earth- U.K., ISAP – Intenational Society of Acrylic Painters


My technique was developed by measuring the viscosity of different weights of paints. Living in a warm climate, I was able to easily introduce controlled temperature settings to produce a variety of color, weight, density and rhythm on the canvas. I discovered through a system of layering that different forms of paints could illustrate the degree in which the viewer’s optic experience is not limited to what is obvious on the two dimensional surface.  I have also developed my signature “z” stoke that makes painting water flow more easily. Each painting for me is a scientific exercise which illuminates the force of nature in our everyday lives. I incorporate these techniques in my program, A Fresh Approach To Painting- gateway to the inner artist.