Curator Reviews

June 17, 2014    SALVATORE RUSSO – Rome

Salvatore-RussoSalvatore Russo, art critic and curator, he studied the most important movements and schools of thought of the ’90, and in a few years becomes one of the greatest experts. Fascinated by the art of the past and the new avant-garde art, specialized in the curating of international events. His is an encyclopedic vision of contemporary art. An art that has always an eye to the past, but at the same time adopting the most modern languages of our time. Always careful to new languages and experimental art, that are emerging in Italy but also abroad, becomes a point of reference for all those who are working in the sector and looking for a curator at international level. He has curated many exhibitions and has written for hundreds of artists worldwide. He collaborates with newspapers and periodicals. Right now writes for various international magazines including “Effetto Arte”.

Critic of Arrachme Art

Vere e proprie tempeste materiche, quelle dipinte da Arrachme. Presagi, forze opposte, dialogare, ma in lingue diverse. Esplosioni di un’anima, che chiede nuova cittadinanza sulla tela. La sua pittura esprime la genialità del segno. Un segno che stanco di vagare nei sentieri conosciuti, intraprende nuove strade. Strade che lo conducono in nuovi paradisi visivi, in cui poter esprimere tutta la sua forza. Energia creativa come motore, di un percorso di ricerca estremamente dotto. Vortici di luce spezzano l’armonia e conducono l’osservatore nella terra di Arrachme. I suoi dipinti hanno la stessa forza evocativa delle opere di Géricault e l’eleganza pittorica della ballerine di Degas. La pittura di Arrachme è un turbinio di emozioni. Emozioni che hanno la potenza di un fiume in piena. Emozioni che squarciano la tranquillità quotidiana per arrivare a generare la genialità del caos. Le sue sono voci su tela. Così’ amo definirle. I lavori di Arrachme costituiscono, così, i nuovi “best seller” della pittura contemporanea”. Salvatore Russo – International curator and critic

Salvatore Russo – International curator and critic “These are real storm of matter, those painted by Arrachme. Omens, opposing forces, dialogue, but in different languages. Explosions of a soul, which calls for new citizenship on the canvas. Her painting expresses the genius of the sign. A sign that tired of wandering in the paths known, embarks on new roads. Roads that lead to new visual paradise, where they can express all her strength. Creative energy as an engine, a search path extremely learned. Vortices of light break the harmony and lead the viewer into the land of Arrachme. Her paintings have the same evocative power of the works of Géricault and the pictorial elegance of dancers by Degas. The painting of Arrachme is a whirlwind of emotions. Emotions that have the power of a river in flood. Emotions that pierce the quiet everyday to get to generate the genius of chaos. Its entries are on canvas. So ‘define love. The work of Arrachme up, so, the new “best seller” of contemporary painting. ”
Salvatore Russo – International curator and critic

March 2014

appletonDr. Nadine Pantano – Exhibit entitled “Toast to the Arts” held at The Appleton Museum of Art, Ocala, Florida.

“Muse” by Arrachme Art was selected as a finalist by Show Judge, Dr. Nadine Pantano, PhD, Education: University College London England, Doctoral Degree Art History, Courtlauld Institute, London England, Master of Arts in Art History, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania, Bachelor of Arts, Art History, Experience: Florida Southern College, Lakeland Florida, Assistant adjunct professor teaching Art History, Birbeck College, London, England, Professor of Art History

June 23, 2014

art historyRhonda Taylor, Educator, artist BA , MA, Concordia University Art education  with art history minor,  English with literacy and literature focus, UC Berkeley  Language , Literacy and Culture. As educator taught art with art history component and integrated art history into literature and history classes with a social/cultural emphasis and impact of literary figures on artist and vice versa.. As Director of curriculum for visual media arts magnet high school continued integration of art and art history with social cultural emphasis throughout the curriculum.


Arrachme brings to the world a new, unique organic approach to the painterly vision of nature: earth, sky, and land. Arrachme, a front runner in the Contemporary Abstract Realist movement of the 21st century isan artist whose work will endure well beyond this century.

With most art, we are viewers of the artist creation. You are more than a viewer of Arrachme’s magnificent paintings, as she draws you into the work. Perhaps it is the blending of the realist aspects into the abstract, or perhaps it is the depth of the horizon line that draws you into her paintings, As a viewer you feel present, almost as if you are floating in and out of the piece . You find peacefulness as you enter the beautiful world she has created. This is not surprising, the harmonics of her ancient Sanskrit name, Arrachme also brings peacefulness and a smile.

Arrachme’s art is fluid and yet shows much control. She has a softness among much movement.Her cloud formations swirl like the beautiful dancers of Degas, combined with the fluidity and movement of Argentine tango dancers. Her sea recalls the glassiness of Cassatt’s seas, in her painting Summertime and other impressionist seas. Yet Arrachme paints from the “inside -out”. No reference photos, just her love affair with the sea and life brings these amazing creations from her soul. The depth in her art is strong and when combined with the light that moves throughout, captivates your mind and soul. She begins with a long process of canvas preparation which provides a smooth, clean surface on which numerous layers of colors, combine to create great intensity, reminiscent of some of the greatest Fauvist painters including:Matisse, Gaughin, and Derain. In her own unique way, she captures the s connection between reality and abstraction. Walking away from her work is difficult as you are pulled back by greatness.