Art, Cave Diving and Snorkeling?

Art, Cave Diving and Snorkeling?

Spending many eary decades ‘seeking’ like so many other Babyboomers through avenues such as vegetarianism, Ahsrams, yoga, meditation to awaken to step two  scientific priciples. Then moving into more quiet years of quatum physics with my old friend Albert Einstein, life seamed to make sense. Bending time and moving through dimensions was realtively sensible. Artistically, it all came crystal clear in one swift moment under the warm turquiose waters of the Caribbean.

 Surrounded by people yet completely alone, the snorkel gear went on. I jumped off the boat into the water. “Breath, breath, just breath. Watch your breath. My iwatch click on. It too said, watch your breath”. 

Into the beautiful blue underwater world teaming with life and a translucent color. Watching the breath after all is meditation. It transports one into a peaceful world like no there. Welcome! Come on in. Leave your worries behind. Be happy. Join me in paradise.  Once again, the artist  within uses a mixing of viscosity, weights and balances of paints to come up with the unique balance of layering to journey the viewer to a place that is unseen by the naked eye. 


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