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Can Art Heal?

Can Art Heal? This painting helps me remember the feeling of gratitude, during a show, when I overheard a gentleman whispered to his wife, “That painting almost makes me feel seasick.” If a painting evokes feeling or tells a story, it is a successful work of art. “In The Swim” is part of my “Fluid […]

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integrative art of family roots

Root Of Acceptances

The Artist and Muse Collaboration-Throughout history significant artists can credit a partner for support, inspiration and encouragement. Pablo Picasso, Edouard Manet, Frieda Kahlo, Dali, Modigliani are part of the extensive list.  Enter, “The Muse”. Interactive artwork, “Roots of Acceptance” a contemporary abstract expression was created as a family collaborative. Roots wrap around rocks that date […]

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Painting Hope

What Was I Thinking? “Hope” was started over 10 years ago and just finished in March 2016 when it was chosen to go to South Korea to be in the 2nd International Environmental Exhibition- Draw Environment in Art- New Human Environmental Co-Existence.  This exhibit for me is just as special as the painting because it […]

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How was this painting, “Conservatory” born?

What side of the brain does an artist use? First, I set the general intention to achieve a unique abstract environmental painting.  After weeks of meditation and quiet time, a successful result emerged. “Conservatory”, wins “Special Merit Award” out of judging from 1,073 entries, 29 countries and 41 states in the, “Light Space and Time […]

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Aggregate Rebirth

What was I thinking? Art can subtly make a humanitarian statement with color as well as form.  In the composition of this piece we draw attention to the senseless events in France and Belgium. Rebirth is possible and in most cases happens with new feelings and emotions. The physical must heal itself in order to […]

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Shockwave Logic – Creating A Commissioned Work of Art

Shockwave Logic is a powerful abstract work that draws our attention to the technology explosion that moves man into expanding realms of possibility. When I create a piece for an individual, I intuitively match colors and flow in the work with what comes to me when I meditate about that individual. The process has the […]

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