Day at The Beach – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART16106
Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista
03/20/2018 & 03/20/2018

12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

Source Art- Dat At The Beach 

Class Objective-  Layering, glazes, happy water or surface combinations. Contemporary abstract water. Another unique way to paint water. Painting water formations initially appears to be a daunting task. This is a gentle sweet painting of easy water coming in on the shore. No stress. Relax.

Paint Colors – Liquitex – heavy body – white, naples yellow, portrait pink, blue violet, light permanent blue, hooker green, alizarin crimson, phthalo blue green shade, phthalo green yellow shade. Golden-high flow phthalo blue green shade

Special Supplies – phthalo green yellow shade (notice this is a different color than the one above) ,  1”  wash brush – optional