Peaceful Water – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART16103
11/14/2017 & 11/14/2017

12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

Source Art– “In the Swim” is one painting from Arrachme’s signature seascape series, “Fluid Dreams”, that are in private collections.

updated 10-30-17

Class Objective-  translucent moving water in the ocean . layering, glazes, happy water or surface combinations

We will paint active water in an ocean setting using Arrachme’s signature “Z” brush stroke. Learn the secrets to painting beautiful deep ocean water perfectly. Collectors of her paintings remark that they evoke fond memories of cruising on the ocean. They can feel the waves moving.

Paint Colors –  Liquitex heavy body paints from the general supplies – white, phthalo blue green shade, violet blue, light permanent blue, hooker green, alizarin crimson, yellow, diaoxazine purple.  Airbrush Medium.    One small Golden – high flow paint – in squeeze bottle phthalo blue green shade

Special Supplies –Liquitex phthalo green -yellow shade,  square 20” x 20” canvas or a 16 x 20 rectangular  regular canvas  depending on which shape you wish to end up with. A smooth canvas is important. Use linen if you can. Sanding block is important.  If you do not use a fine sanding block to smooth the canvas. See the main page for basic supplies that artists use such as  plastic tablecloths, paints,  a canvas, a Masterson small travel pallet, easel, (you will be painting flat most of the time),bucket for water, brushes. Call is you have questions 828-230-6613. There are also free videos here on this website and on you tube by this instructor that you can watch so you can be prepared for an acrylic painting class.