The Poured and Painted Abstract – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART15103
Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista
02/06/2018 & 02/06/2018

12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

Subject Art– The poured flower- Using line as an emotional element  painting

Check supply updates as we get close to the day of class as I will continue to update this page. updated  1-30-18

Class Objective-  you will  squeeze pour and paint in combination and learn to use a liner bottle which you will make in class

Learn about different mediums that are used to create pouring and how they effect the results. How to achieve the big bold and beautiful paintings that are talked about in advertising today. Demos during the class.

Paint Colors – we are using paint from two different companies  for this class. Notice that  very little is needed.

1. Liqutex heavy body paint white,  green, black and your choice of 2  or 3 more colors such as magenta and yellow or red and alizrim crimson and yellow, see photos. Airbrush medium.

2. Golden- high flow paint small bottle – your choice  – 2  colors  we will use small golden squeeze bottle of high flow paints (  blue and yellow or red and yellow) .

3. Special Supplies –  2 squeeze bottles to make your own paints,  A spray bottle for water will be important. A sea sponge, 16 x 20 canvas (or any size you wish)

Brushes–  Clear handled 1″wash brush, small round brush, A large brush ( 2″ brush, or foam brush see picture).

DK Art Supply in Leesburg has most of the supplies you will need.