The Poured and Painted Abstract – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART15103
Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista
02/06/2018 & 02/06/2018

12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

Subject Art– The poured flower- Using line as an emotional element  painting

Check supply updates as we get close to the day of class as I will continue to update this page. updated 8/29/2017

Class Objective-  you will pour and paint in combination and learn to use a liner bottle which you will make in class

Paint Colors – we will use small golden squeeze bottle of high flow paints.   Bring your basic paints, a few colors of golden high flows.

Special Supplies – a couple liner bottle where you will make your own liner paints. these are squeeze bottles that come to a point that are not open. you will cut them off in class with a scissors. If you are not sure what a squeeze  liner bottle is please visit DK Art supply in Leesburg as they will have all the supplies needs for the classes ready. It is up to you which color combinations that you will like. You will not need all of them. A couple pictures have been provided below.

Brushes–  Princeton brown handled flat chiseled edge brush, small round brush.  You are welcome to bring the brushes that you have. The goal is that you have a medium firm brush and a soft brush.