Walk In The Woods – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART10101
Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista
12/05/2017 & 12/05/2017

12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

Subject Art– Walk In The Woods updated 11-26-17

Class Objective– Learn to balance your composition with colors and images in one gentle workshop. Beginners welcome. Start with a gentle low horizon line and beatiful warm color.

Time – 12-4:30pm

Paint Colors – Liqutex heavy body paints from your general supply list, yellows, hooker green, alizarin crimson, Indian yellow, white, reds, light blue violet, transparent raw sienna

Special Supplies for this class  – Liquitex- brilliant yellow green  Paint-  Background orange or reddish orange  is a must.  Brushes: script liner brush, 1″ wash brush  (from the general list ). You will use a palette knife.  You will need an acrylic brush from your general list so you can change off from your wash brush.

See the main page for basic supplies that artists use such as  plastic tablecloths, paints,  a canvas, a Masterson small travel palette, easel, (you will be painting flat most of the time so you don need an easel),bucket for water, brushes. There are also free videos here on this website by this instructor that you can watch so you can be prepared for an acrylic painting class.