Whimsical Village – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART10102
12/12/2017 & 12/12/2017

12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

Subject Art–  Landscape Happy Whimsical Painting

Class Objective- Explore composition, light, while creating a collectible village of your own making. We will use negative painting to create trees and blend brillant happy color. Fun class. You can continue in this  whimsy spirit to share with family and friends or to hang on your own walls.

Paint Colors – white, light yellow, naples yellow, brilliant blue, portrait pink, blue violet, light red, red, light permanent blue, hooker green, alizarin crimson . We will be using most of the colors for our basic tool box.

Special Supplies –magenta, daler rowney graduate acrylic – orange (this is the color and paint you use for your base coat), burnet sienna. Bring your fan brush, and what ever brushes you have. Make sure you have ar least one firm acrylic brush from the list I provided. For those that have angled brushes bring them, 1″ wash brush with clear handle. 16 x20 verticle canvas