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 Arrachme is teaching for The Villages  Enrichment Academy.  See photos and details of classes, next to each photo,  below. More classes will continue to be added.  Location Lake Miona Rec. Center – Not affiliated with any other  private workshops.

These classes use acrylics to introduce, help identify, develop and build your own unique style.  Please join internationally exhibited award winning published artist, Arrachme, to learn fresh unique visual painting skills and techniques.  After years of listening to students she developed a course especially for you.  She learned how to unlock the flow of creativity by teaching specific techniques in each category which enhance the senses.  Arrachme is currently a world renown professional artist that is exhibited in museums internationally. She draws ideas from this experience as for the classes in her endorsed educational programs. They start beginners with good habits and helps the seasoned artist to grow.  The teaching is her way of giving back to the community. No additional fees are added for lodging. Classes are kept very affordable for three years. Residents and non-residents are welcome in live classes. Golf cart accessible. You can take the classes in any order. No stress, No judgement.  Just and easy fun experience.

You can call her with questions about supplies or the class instruction 828-230-6613.

Where can I register for classes?   After you look below to choose a class, you can stop by any regional rec. center in person, or go to the www.district.gov website, or call The Villages 352-674-1800,  to sign up for classes. 

When Can I watch the free Introductory videos online? Answer.  You can watch now.   Click on the online page of this website. They will prepare you for classes and after you finish your masterpiece. You can also print the pdfs so that you can read the information. There are no strings attached. They are a gift to you. There are 7 free educational videos.

General  Supplies are listed below to create an artist’s tool box.  You will not use all these colors in each class. Continue past the full list to see the painting supplies for your specific class.

General Paints Supplies

Liquitex heavy body paint tubes (not Liquitex basic paint ,not other brands)

I do not use fluid paints with the flip top.

Main paint brushes
Here are some suggestions for brushes -please have at least one good brush see stars

Basic painter’s supplies are:

Ipallet picturef you are local –  DK Art Supply on Hwy 441 Leesburg, FL – 352-326-9555, usually has everything and  Dennis the owner will make a package for you.  Just say you are taking Arrachme’s classes.

See Upcoming Classes Below -click on the class pictures to see details and special supplies for each class.

Think Outside The Box – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART15104 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 02/20/2018 & 02/20/2018

Subject Art-   Think Outside The Box

Check supply updates as we get close to the day of class as I will continue to update this page. updated 2-7-18

Class Objective- Learn to think outside the box.  This is an experimental abstract class. Turn shapes into abstract painting or experimenting with shapes forms and lines and take home a finished painting that unlocks your creative voice. What does abstract painting require of us?  Traditional painting conforms to a sent of guidelines from reality. Abstract painting lets you explore further outside  the box to external sources to find the resources where expressiveness exists. Step by step exercises will unlock the keys to the kingdom. click to see the updated list
12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

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Powerful Color – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART10104 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 03/06/2018 & 03/06/2018

Subject Art- “Breath of Nature”, Original curated into South Korea Museum exhibition 2017 ”  - updated 2-8-2018

Class Objective-  Powerful color blending. We will focus on creating a standalone background then  a watch what happens with the foreground. Learn the magic.

We will learn the secret to painting fantastic contemporary abstract background. You do not have to use a tree in the foreground. The class is mainly about creating an abstract foundation that will result in a successful painting. Students will use the basic plan of lights and darks of color but will be able to be creative with colors to make the painting their own. click to see supply list
12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

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Happy Flowers- The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART15105 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 03/13/2018 & 03/13/2018

Subject Art- Abstract Garden

Class Objective- How to develop a pictoral language using symbols from landscape. How to create abstract paintings with focus on shapes, balance and color . Give yourself permission to find that inner voice though a sense of play with methods to coax out or spark the artist within. Using a multitude of methods of the arts from painting, pouring intentionally coax out the beauty of nature. Step-by- step instruction focuses on form, line, and comfortable strokes. Questions are welcome in class.
12:00pm - 4:30pm

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Day at The Beach – The Enrichment Academy

Class #: ART16106 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 03/20/2018 & 03/20/2018

Source Art- Dat At The Beach

Class Objective- Layering, glazes, happy water or surface combinations. Contemporary abstract water. Another unique way to paint water. Painting water formations initially appears to be a daunting task. This is a gentle sweet painting of easy water coming in on the shore. No stress. Relax.

12:00pm - 4:30pm break for snack

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Early Morning Walk – Enrichment Academy

Class #: 10105 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 04/10/2018 & 04/10/2018

Subject  - Impressionistic  style of painting with acrylic. (updated 2-2-2018)
A dreamy approach to painting where down is up and up is down. Fun, Fun Fun!!!

Early Morning Walk
click to see more info. and supplies.
12:00 - 4:30pm break for snack

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Easy Cloud Layering- Enrichment Academy

Class #: 16107 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 04/17/2018 & 04/17/2018

Easy Cloud Layering

Learn  one fun way  to layer Clouds and achieve depth  every time. Add fin images if you please.... oooor not. Learn to glaze and layer like the master artists. How did they get those beautiful translucent layers of clouds.
click for supply list and more info.
12:00 - 4:30pm break for snack

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Splash and Bounce – Enrichment Academy

Class #: 15106 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 05/08/2018 & 05/08/2018

Splash and Bounce        (updated 2-2-2018)

Abstract class that has a fun element of expressive freedom that won't leave you wanting. A full day of joy share with others. Finish a painting that you can take home and hang on your wall. There are elements of this painting that will surprise you if you are an experienced painter and if you have never painted before your will be amazed at what you can accomplish by learning to throw paint.
12:00 - 4:30pm break for snack

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Midnight on The Ocean- Enrichment Academy

Class #: 16108 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 05/15/2018 & 05/15/2018

Midnight on The Beach                  (updated 2-2-2018)

discover painting water at different times of the day, light hitting the water, flowing water, reflection, and a smorgasbord of fun experiences of the how and whys of painting water. If you have taken a class before you know that the classes are full of fun information. If you haven't taken a class with Arrachme before you are in for a treat.
Click to see paints supplies and more info.
12:00 - 4:30pm break for snack

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The Basic Formula- Enrichment Academy

Class #: 15107 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 06/05/2018 & 06/05/2018

The Basics of Abstract and  Experimental Painting (updated 2-2-2018)

We will section off a  sheet of paper to use shape form and color to expand our creativity as simple as one two three. The Basic formula will draw out the creativity from our heart mind and body onto the paper.  From there were enter into our own personal realm that we have we have chosen for ourselves and begin to paint.  Fascinating yet scientific. Specific yet free form. Totally experiential. Fun? You Betcha!!!!
click to see supplies and more info
12:00 - 4:30pm break for snack

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Beautiful Beach – Enrichment Academy

Class #: 16109 Location: Lake Miona Center - Buena Vista 09/18/2018 & 09/18/2018

Beautiful Beach             (updated 2-2-2018)

Learn to paint Impressionistic bright cheerful paintings. This beach has bold brush strokes. The tendency is to smooth out the strokes and over paint. Learning when to stop is an art in itself. The impressionists started the movement when it was not popular. Why did id it sweep the art world. why to this day does it add so much feeling and emotion to a painting. Is this the ingredient that you are looking for?
click to see supply list and more info
12:00 - 4:30pm break for snack

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