Contemporary Seascape Painting: Floating Mist

Floating Mist

While Floating though mist on a gentle sea you find a mystical flower that is the answer to all your dreams.

Timeless Transparencies is more than a series of art. It is the future if you look close enough.  But ah, ah, not too close, you wouldn’t want to fall off the edge of the world as you know it.

As a youth, my teacher told me to reach for the moon and the least that could happen to me was that I would fall among the stars. I took that to heart, so I believed that nothing truly bad could ever happen to me and that just over every horizon there was always something wonderful waiting. There was always a beautiful flower in the sky and ever if I got to close to the edge of this world and fell off the next world would be even better. For me Art has opened many creative other worlds and I have to say they are phenomenal. Please enjoy Floating Mist. Now you know ‘what I was thinking’.