Genetic Gyre

Series- Environmental Art

Often asked… what was I thinking? I would not say that I am a champion of environment and humanitarian issues, rather my feelings about these issues translate to heart emotions overflowing onto a canvas thus becoming my version of art.

I am content to believe that all things good come from water. It creates and sustains life.

When all the debris from man is forced together in continuous currents or Gyres that flow beneath the beautiful sometimes seeming motionless waves of the earth’s waterway they succumb to nature combining colors, shapes pulling and tugging then gently floating to the surface to form a masses – new islands. These new habitats become teaming with life, home to plants and animals. It is however, not what you immediately think.  My environmental art series invite the viewer to ask questions and self-inform. Be curious.  Is it possible to turn these plastic, debris islands into a positive? Are the ocean animals and plants inspired by the water itself?

I guess I am not alone in my love of water. Research from the Aerospace Institute of the University of Stuttgart in Germany supports the theory that water has memory. It retains an imprint of what it’s been exposed to. In this short video clip from Oasis HD Channel, it shows experiments with water memory forms.

Genetic Gyre-lg Crimson Gyre lg-300dpi

Museum Tour 2016-17 Tour – Gogyshi Art Project International – Hageumgag Theme Museum, South Korea, Published -ArtBlend Gallery/Magazine -Art Miami /Art Basel 2015