How was this painting, “Conservatory” born?

What side of the brain does an artist use?

First, I set the general intention to achieve a unique abstract environmental painting.  After weeks of meditation and quiet time, a successful result emerged.

Conservatory”, wins “Special Merit Award” out of judging from 1,073 entries, 29 countries and 41 states in the, “Light Space and Time Abstract competition 2016”.  The painting utilizes many aspects of abstract painting, mixing of color and medium with the dominant method being pouring. It then combines layering of acrylic paints to achieve a purposeful impression of a garden conservatory.

An abstract includes deliberate strokes, intentional movement, purposeful color theory, and an overall connected flow.  Once in the zone, much of this organically happens while injecting an abundance of emotion and creativity from the heart.

Occasional I hear someone remark, “I use the analytical side of my brain verses the artistic side”.  Rest assured, it takes both sides of the brain to create visual art.  So, whether one is aware or unaware of the process, you can be sure that an artist is using both sides of their brain to create.  Calculating the scientific mathematical or technical aspects are as important as pulling color together and organically engaging the heart. Both aspects are necessary but not mutually exclusive, when it comes to success.

I will be teaching how to create work in this style in future workshops. Check it out at You can also buy this painting by visiting my store.

Conservatory ribbon