Life Is Just Peachy…or is it?

Juried into the Appleton  Museum 2016, Toast of the Arts, Ocala Florida Exhibition.

Every time a piece of my art gets juried into a museum it is a humbling experience. Washed with gratitude and appreciation,  I continue to ponder the question, “How much good can I do with my art?   Can I help others through teaching develop their own personal visual language “?

Life Is Just Peachy, in its simplicity has a voice.

Stuck in an oxymoron or balanced at the convergence?  It’s simple.  Sincerity, grace, and hope guide the heart and hand. Just smile for the camera.


Choosing to be happy

and smile at every chance,

Peachy Still Life
Peachy Still Life


as doors

of sincerity, grace and hope

open wide.