New Beginnings with Art

Have you ever asked yourself, “Could I be good at painting?” In other words, many may have been searching for answers on the outside, but in all fairness, all artistic ability is found from within or on the inside. Anyone can be successful at art, but must be open to creativity and be willing to set aside their ego. How? Let’s look into the classes called, “A Fresh Approach to Painting Gateway to The Inner Artist” created by published contemporary artist Arrachme.

What exactly does this class entail? Is it going to be hard? In all fairness, this class will help anyone become successful at painting. There is an understanding all people come from different walks of life and naturally have different learning curves. Who is Arrachme? She is an internationally exhibited and award winning published contemporary artist who created a 12-step program to help a beginner with creating good habits as well as help any artist at any level find or improve their own unique style. This is a healing process that will help anyone find their talent and be in tuned with the earth and their blessings.  Creativity thrives when there is a healing atmosphere taking place. Offering a humanitarian and fresh approach that focuses on an educational and a nurturing environment to better serve the needs and talents of everyone is important for learning. This is a win-win opportunity where you’ll be taught by a successful and recognized artist herself and be taught 12 classes to help others become more successful in finding their strengths. The classes use acrylics to introduce techniques that will help people identify and create their own creations. A sign of a good teacher is one who helps others tap into their innate gifts and talents with necessary skills to be successful.

Let’s take a closer look at the 12-step program. The first class is called, “Vertical Expressions.”  This is where students focus on vertical blending, background and foreground and line in composition. The second class is called, “Horizontal Horizon.” This is where students put more emphasis on effective placement of the horizon line in composition with focus on line and balance in composition. The third class is called, “Abstract You.” This is where a student will learn how to create abstract paintings with focus on shapes, balance and color. The fourth class is called, “Loosey Goosey.” A student will focus on just letting go. Furthermore, allowing themselves freedom with their painting learning how to develop movement with brush strokes and color. The fifth class is called, “Pour Me.” This is where a student will learn to actually just pour the paint on the canvas limiting the brush work focusing on easily making paint mixtures. The sixth class is called, “Caught in the Weeds.” This is where a student will focus on negative aspects associated with painting. Yes, this is a positive class like all of them! When referring to negative, this means referring to balance in relation to elements that are found around water. The seventh class is class is called, “Pile It on Baby.” Students will be layering and glazing happy water or surface combinations. The eighth class is called, “Bless Your Heart.” This class is focused on a student applying unconventional tools to create unique techniques for familiar images. The ninth class is called, “The Sky’s the Limit.”  Students will uniquely expand the skies. Meaning, creating crowd creations with light and dark combinations.  The tenth class is called, “Just keep It Up.” Students will use repetitive movement to create recognizable flow. The eleventh class is called, “Easy on the Eyes.” Students will simply do things the easy way. The twelfth class is called, “What’s Your Story?” Students will easily create a composition from emotion and life. This creation could be from a great memory that you want to re-create.

Her class can be referred to as Terry, explained a class participant at Shands Arts Medicine program at the University of Florida. He said, “First, I let go of my Inner Critic. As I made more and more art, I was not concerned about what anyone thought of my art. The honest, judgment-free spirit gave me courage” (Samuels and Rockwood). This positive environment will allow students more freedom and creativity to find their own authentic pieces of art.

There are many misconceptions about art. Creating fancy painting or sculptures and many are afraid to start something out of their comfort zone. Art allows us all to take into our innate desires to express ourselves and by creative expression allows people to be happier and healthier (Alban). In addition, art relieves stress. Leonardo da Vinci said, “Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is to say, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest” (Alban). C. Michael Gibson is an Interventional Cardiologist and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. He mentioned the positive impact painting has. He said, “Well, my mother is an artist. She said to me, “Once you paint a cloud, you will never look at the cloud the same again” (Sattar). In other words, paintings and pictures have helped him better understand the bodily functions of the human body.

Art and painting has everything to do with expressing yourself freely so anyone can tap into their own creativity and imagination.  By going through the class “A Fresh Approach to Painting Gateway to The Inner Artist” with published contemporary artist and educator Arrachme, students will be able to become successful artists. By tapping into one’s innate gifts with a positive and structured classes applying the necessary skills to be successful, the sky’s the limit!!