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What Was I Thinking?

“Hope” was started over 10 years ago and just finished in March 2016 when it was chosen to go to South Korea to be in the 2nd International Environmental Exhibition- Draw Environment in Art- New Human Environmental Co-Existence.  This exhibit for me is just as special as the painting because it pulls together a worldwide family of friends, the collaborating arts working together to create social impact through the arts.  The exhibition draws attention to the Fukushima Nuclear Accident in Japan, that happened just five short years ago while honoring an emotional nonfiction depiction of the event in Haiku (traditional Japanese poetry), Taro Aizo – “My Precious Earth”.


Hope, the original oil painting on canvas, began when my life was about expressing sincere emotion using a surrealist painting style. My life was a series of beginnings and endings as I grew both as a human being and an artist.  The background identifies destruction of life as we know it.  Beginning as Kali, the destroyer of the ego evolved into a depiction of the destruction that the nuclear Fukushima accident caused in the environment as well identifies the socio impact of a people. The background of this painting in vivid reds which breaks down the wall of indecision and chaos to make room for new Hope.  Faith in a silver lining is dependable.  It is guaranteed and depicted in the painting as “the egg”. Its perfect round edges and slick surface ensures that whatever happens, it will always shine with joy. Nothing unpleasant can stick to it or dull its bright happy glow.

Which brings me to the present. With age and experience comes wisdom and a sense of peace. Call it faith in a bright future or deep trust. Beauty will emerge with the cherry blossoms as the new rains bring forth hope and promise for mankind.