Loosey Goosey

Letting go, freedom in painting developing movement with brush strokes and color. 

Letting go and loosening up can be as simple as standing up to paint rather than sitting down. When sitting, the artist tends to use a tight arm to paint. Conversely, when artists stand, they are naturally using the whole body to make a stroke of the brush. Instantaneous freedom becomes obtainable. Focusing on understanding the art of painting rather the actual image can release the artist into an expanded state of mind. Use larger canvases and larger brushes with gentle pressured strokes to loosen the flow of movement on the canvas surface.  It can soothe the soul. Changing the color pallet to soften colors can help to develop the ‘letting go’.  For example, Jackson Pollock brought an incredible new freedom for painting and his imagery that hovered in the background of his pictures.


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