The Skys The Limit

Expanding unique skies.

Mastering skies and cloud structures including billowing formations is accomplished by using tools such as sponges and soft brushes focusing attention to movement.  Capture the beauty, let go of the fear and see the clouds as playful friends. Step outside to experience the skies changing colors as the clouds move. It becomes obvious clouds are not white rather they are a combination of whites, blues, yellows and even reds. As a peaceful practice before painting skies, the artist should focus on the breath while looking up at the sky.  Then, let go using the corner of the acrylic brush, a round sponge and a soft wash brush. This will easily create a beautiful interpretation of clouds while going through the layering.  Joseph Mallord William Turner (J.M.W.) was a master at transparent illusion and atmosphere.  Curators have liked Arrachme to this master.


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