Root Of Acceptances

The Artist and Muse Collaboration-Throughout history significant artists can credit a partner for support, inspiration and encouragement. Pablo Picasso, Edouard Manet, Frieda Kahlo, Dali, Modigliani are part of the extensive list.  Enter, “The Muse”. Interactive artwork, “Roots of Acceptance” a contemporary abstract expression was created as a family collaborative. Roots wrap around rocks that date back thousands of years, much like the deep roots of generations and family values. When it is all said and done “family” is left standing.  The Pisgah National Forest boulders create a solid foundation for roots to wrap and hold on to for support. While hiking in the Blue Ridge Mountains, we came upon beautiful exposed roots. After listening to their voice, the

integrative art of family roots
Integrative Transdigital Roots of Acceptance

photograph was taken, 10 years later, “Roots of Acceptance” was transformed into an environmental painting incorporating the techniques of integrative transdigital art. The painting bears the signatures of the artist and the muse.