Shockwave Logic – Creating A Commissioned Work of Art

Shockwave -w

Shockwave Logic is a powerful abstract work that draws our attention to the technology explosion that moves man into expanding realms of possibility.

When I create a piece for an individual, I intuitively match colors and flow in the work with what comes to me when I meditate about that individual. The process has the juxtaposition of peaceful and intense moments which can take weeks to perfect.  I am careful to include, while painting, as much information that appears without distraction.

I truly believe that there is an artist in everyone. Finding the key to unlock that beautiful place that is easy to relate to is always genuinely available in individuals. I do not analyze where this gift comes from, rather I am grateful that when I quiet my mind, a plan always comes together with success.

Shockwave Logic takes place in a body of water drawing attention to the fact that mankind is comprised mostly of water and would simply perish without it.  The next key component is technology which emerges in spurts of energy. In a blink of an eye it changes our world. The owner of the original 36” x 48” canvas has an incredible powerful mind that can dive into technology, work with it on a creative level and produce results. People that work with computers like this individual possess the unique requirement to daily master the discipline of focus and the control to know when to rest so that consuming energy does not result in madness.