Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

So why do it? As a teacher and a professional artist I wear two hats… or do I?

Artists at a certain level don’t smile for photos and seem aloof. They seem to be intensely focused in one direction. This is a fallacy. They have to be multifaceted and move in many directions with their abilities; actively using both sides of the brain. Artists learn through their heightened senses to see the big picture and paint with a broad brush. The cliché saying that artists are scattered is an unsubstantiated judgement.

Art teachers help others and are knowledgeable about many aspects in their field. They have to be versed in history and be up to date on current trends.  So, you tell me. Stuck in an oxymoron or balanced at the convergence?  It’s simple.  Sincerity, grace, and hope guide the heart and hand. Just smile for the camera.

Peachy Still Life
Peachy Still Life


Choosing to be happy

and smile at every chance,

as doors

of sincerity, grace and hope

open wide.