Where Do The Art Ideas Come From?

Many times, in my life the spark of enthusiasm catapulted my personal art experience.  Life takes a major leap, sending me in an unknown exciting direction. The whole systematic process can be described metaphorically as climbing a stairway.  The landings are light, bright resting places. Magic happens in this position, but be warned.  Lingering too long on the landing can cause the creative flame to dim.  It’s at this moment, when the diming feeling reveals that the leap its immanent.  I’m sailing up the next flight of stairs.  Growing sparks of creativity, an aha moment and new ideas emerge as visions while climbing the steps.  At the top of the stairs, there is a loving bright light. Everlasting, it glistens at the same time it beckons a constant ray of hope.  Then the cycle begins again. One thing is guaranteed. There is always a silver lining, every day.

floating golden nectar