Who Am I Really? Confessions of An Artist

Who Am I Really? Confessions of an Artist

I have always used art to communicate. With this in mind, my compositions double as images that tell stories. The marks of the paint brush speak my feelings about day to day events and life choices.  For me, life has morphed into three words; Sincerity, Grace and Hope. The challenge I have embarked on is to see how much good I can do with my art to benefit all living things.  The journey is a personal mission. The juxtaposition is thus described, alone in a crowded room. The painting, “Alone Again” can be interpreted as a walk through the woods on a snowy day in total silence. Meditative silence can be loud, full, and enough to take your breath away.

social butterfly-walk alone
social butterfly-walk alone


While the day

twists into a night,

the black and white truth

is found not lost,

What Now?