Abstract You S2


Choose  the date and location for your group

Subject Art– Your painting will be completely your own, developed in the workshop.

Class Objective- how to create abstract paintings with focus on shapes, balance and color. Discover Things You Can Do To make Your Painting Spectacular -Learn how to create your own abstract compositions then use many techniques to create your own in class.

Paint Colors – Bring your general supplies a canvas of your choice and additional supplies you may have.

Special Supplies –  mark making tools- see example image

  1. Take Chances, Be Bold, Take Risks
  2. You can Not Mess Up
  3. Everything You Do Is Right and Will Lead You To The Silver Lining

Cost $50 – I will be showing you 4 different techniques that you will use to build your own abstract painting.

KNOW THAT SOMETHING GOOD HAPPENS IN THE END. If something good has not happened yet. Step away from your painting and look again. The magic is there waiting for you.

Confirmed class list- Paula, Debra