Abstract You S3



Subject Art– “Memory Gardens” – Published Art from Arrachme Art Gallery

Class Objective- how to create abstract paintings with focus on shapes, balance and color                         

We willcreate a variegated back ground then add flowers. Each flower in a memory garden represents a special person in your life. Easy way to create abstract paintings. Yes they are planned . Session one creating strong back round , depth, color . You will use the range of paint colors in your tool box. You will use the paint colors from your general supply list. The bright reds will be important.

Paint Colors – phthalo blue, hooker green, alizarin crimson, dioxazine purple, yellow, violet blue, permanent blue, red, transparent raw sienna, raw sienna, light green ( You can use green combinations or purple combinations as well)

Special Supplies –  orange, Indian yellow (optional), canvas board or a canvas. Best to be used in a verticle format. I will use a 16 x 20 canvas.

Brushes–  Princeton brown handled flat chiseled edge brush, small round brush, 1″ wash brush.  I addition you are welcome to bring the brushes that you have. The goal is that you have a medium firm brush and a soft brush.